The ACGAWARDS, an indigenous award that celebrates the most outstanding individuals and organizations in the African crypto industry, is pleased to announce the nominees for the 2023 awards. The nominees represent a wide range of categories, including crypto exchanges, startups, influencers, projects, investors, advocates, communities, education platforms, media platforms, charities, and innovations.

The ACGAWARDS judging process is transparent and impartial. The judges are a panel of industry experts, leaders of thought, and influencers. The finalists and winners will be selected based on their impact and contributions to the African crypto industry. The ACGAWARDS ceremony will be held on October 28, 2023 VIRTUALLY. The ceremony will be a celebration of the best of the African crypto industry and will bring together the who’s who of the community.

Here is the full list of the 2023 NOMINEES.

1] ACGAWARDS  Best  Cryptocurrency  Exchange  of the Year:  This  award  category recognizes  the  cryptocurrency  exchange  that  provides  the  best  user  experience, security, liquidity, and customer support, as well as a wide range of trading pairs and competitive fees.

  1.   : Luno
  2.   : Binance
  3.   : Bitpesa
  4.   : Yellow card
  5.   : Bitmama

2] ACGAWARDS Best Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Platform of the Year: This award category recognizes the DeFi platform that offers the most advanced and user-friendly solutions for decentralized lending, borrowing, trading, yield farming, and governance, as well as the highest level of security and transparency.

  1.   : Curve
  2.   :Aave
  3.   : InstaDapp
  4.   : Compound
  5.   : Wrapped Bitcoin

 3] ACGAWARDS Best NFT Marketplace of the Year: This award category recognizes the NFT marketplace that provides the best user experience, security, liquidity, and customer support, as well as a wide range of NFTs across different categories and price points.

  1.   : Open Sea
  2.   : SuperRare
  3.   : Nifty Gateway
  4.   : Binance NFT Marketplace

4] ACGAWARDS  Best Crypto Wallet of the Year: This award category recognizes the cryptocurrency wallet  that  provides  the best security, ease of use, compatibility with different  blockchains  and  assets,  as  well  as  additional  features  such  as  staking, swapping, and mobile support.

  1.   : Luno
  2.   : Trust wallet
  3.   : Meta Mask
  4.   : Kumo
  5.   : Paxful

5] ACGAWARDS  Most  Promising  Crypto  Startup  of the Year:  This award category recognizes  the  most  promising  and  innovative startup that develops a new product, service, or solution that leverages blockchain technology and has the potential to disrupt or transform an industry.

  1.   : VALR
  2.   : YellowCard
  3.   : Bitsika
  4.   : Mara
  5.   : Bitmama

6] ACGAWARDS  Best Blockchain Platform: This award category recognizes the best blockchain platform that provides the most robust and scalable infrastructure, the highest level of security and consensus, and the most flexible and interoperable architecture, as well as a vibrant ecosystem of developers and users.

  1.   : Binance Smart Chain
  2.   : Cardano
  3.   : Luno
  4.   : Bundle Africa
  5.   : Bybit


7] ACGAWARDS Most Innovative Crypto Project: This award category recognizes the most  innovative  and  creative  project  that  uses  blockchain  technology  in  a novel or unexpected way, such as gaming, art, or social impact, and demonstrates the potential of blockchain for mainstream adoption.

  1.   : Akoin
  2.   : Safcoin
  3.   : FIO Protocol
  4.   : Paxful
  5.   : Sun Exchange

8] ACGAWARDS  Best  Crypto  Startup  –  This  award  category  recognizes  the  most innovative  and  promising  crypto  startup  that  has  made  significant  progress  in  its development and growth.

  1.   :  Luno
  2.   :  Bundle Africa
  3.   : Bitpesa ( CurrencyCloud)
  4.   : Yellow Card
  5.   : Xend Finance

9] ACGAWARDS  Best  Crypto  Project  by  a  Female  Founder  –  This award category recognizes the most innovative and successful crypto project that is led by a female founder or co-founder, promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry.

  1.   : Web3Ladies
  2.   : AFEN group
  3.   : GuapCoin
  4.   : AgriLedger
  5.   : Nurucoin

10] Best indigenous Crypto exchange of the year; Best Indigenous Crypto Exchange of the Year recognizes the outstanding performance of a local African crypto exchange that promotes adoption, offers reliable and secure trading services, and meets the needs of the local community where it resides.

  1.   : Golix
  2.   : Ovex
  3.   : ChainEx
  4.   :VALR
  5.   : Quidax

11] Best  female  focused  blockchain  educational platform.The Best  Female  Focused Blockchain  Educational  Platform is an award category that recognizes a platform that provides educational resources, courses, and training specifically tailored to women in the blockchain industry. This platform empowers women to learn about the technology, its  applications,  and  the  opportunities  available  in  the  industry, while also providing support and networking opportunities to help them succeed in their careers

  1.   :Blockchain African Ladies (BAL)
  2.   : Web3Ladies
  3.   :Girls in Blockchain Africa
  4.   : Black Women Blockchain Council
  5.   :Kenyan Blockchain Ladies

12] ACGAWARDS Best  Crypto  News  Platform:  This  award recognizes the best news platform   that   provides   accurate   and   timely   information on cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news.

  1.   : Countelegraph
  2.   :
  3.   : BitcoinKE
  4.   : Cryptotvplus
  5.   : TechCabal

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13] ACGAWARDS  Best Crypto Educational  Resource: This award recognizes the best educational resource that provides   valuable information and resources on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

  1.   :Bankless Shows
  2.   : Investopedia
  3.   : Coinbase
  4.   : Coindesk
  5.   : Binance Academy

14] ACGAWARDS Best Crypto friendly TV of the year :- The ACGAWARDS Best Crypto Friendly  TV  of  the  Year  recognizes  a  television  channel  that  has  demonstrated outstanding coverage and support for the African crypto industry. 

  1.   : CryptoTVPlus
  2.   : Coindesk TV
  3.   : Channel Tv
  4.   : AriseTV

15]  ACGAWARDS Best Crypto Presenter of the year:- 

  1. Ini John Mekwa
  2. Rutus Odiri
  3. Ladi Williams

19] ACGAWARDS Best Blockchain Legal firm : is a prestigious award that recognizes the law firm that has demonstrated exceptional legal expertise and innovation in the field of blockchain technology. This award honors the law firm that has shown excellence in advising clients on regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution in the blockchain industry. The recipient of this award has played a significant role  in  advancing  the  legal  framework  for  blockchain  technology,  and  has  made  a positive impact on the African crypto ecosystem.

  1.   : DLA Piper Africa
  2.   : African Digital Finance Law (ADFL)
  3.   : Blockchain Legal
  4.   : Blockchain Advisory South Africa
  5.  : Infusion Lawyers

20] ACGAWARDS  Best  Crypto  community:  recognizes  a  community  that  has  made significant contributions to the growth and development of the African crypto ecosystem. This award honors a group of individuals who have worked tirelessly to build a strong and supportive community, promote awareness and education about cryptocurrency, and foster innovation and collaboration within the industry. The winner of this award will be a shining example of the power of community to drive positive change and growth in the African crypto ecosystem.

  1.   : Nigeria’s Crypto Community
  2.   : Kenya’s Crypto and Blockchain Community
  3.   : South Africa Cryptocurrency
  4.   : Ghanian Crypto Enthusiasts
  5.   : Blockchain Education Initiative

21] ACGAWARDS  Best Blockchain Association: recognizes the blockchain association that  has  made  significant  contributions  to  the  African  crypto  industry.  This  award category   celebrates   associations   that   have   implemented   initiatives   to   promote blockchain  adoption,  foster  innovation,  and  drive  positive  change  in  the  industry.

  1.   : South Africa Blockchain Alliance
  2.   : Blockchain Association of Kenya
  3.   : SiBAN
  4.   : African Digital Asset Framework
  5.   : Blockchain Association of Ghana

22] ACGAWARDS  Best Blockchain Developer: This award recognizes the most skilled and  innovative  blockchain  developer  that  has  contributed  to  the  development  and advancement of blockchain technology.

  1. Gavin Wood
  2. Satoshi Nakamoto
  3. Aya Miyaguchi
  4. Andreas M. Antonopoulus
  5. Vitalik Buterin

23] ACGAWARDS   Best   Crypto   Regulatory   Advocate:   recognizes   individuals   or organizations  that  have  made  significant  contributions  to  advocating  for  favorable regulatory frameworks for the African crypto industry. The award seeks to honor those who  have  demonstrated  a  deep  understanding  of the  challenges  and  opportunities facing the industry and have worked tirelessly to promote fair, transparent, and effective regulations that foster innovation, growth, and development.

  1.   : Nigerian Blockchain Association
  2.   : Blockchain Association of Uganda
  3.   : South African Crypto Community
  4.   : Blockchain Association of Kenya

24] ACGAWARDS Best Blockchain security solution: recognizes the most innovative and effective   security   solutions  for   blockchain  technology.  This  award  acknowledges companies  and  individuals  that  have  demonstrated  excellence  in  developing  and implementing  security  measures  that  protect blockchain systems from cyber threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities. The winner of this award is a leader in the field of blockchain security and has made a significant contribution to advancing the security and integrity of blockchain systems in Africa.

  1.   : Aeternity Hub Africa
  2.   : Ekasi Bucks
  3.   : Digital Finance
  4.   : A&D Foresenic
  5.   : Consent


25] ACGAWARDS HALL OF FAME is a special recognition program that honors individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the advancement of the crypto, blockchain, and technology industry in Africa. The program aims to recognize outstanding  achievements  and  inspire  others  to  strive  for  excellence  in  the  field.

  1.    Mr Chuta Chimezie

26] The ACGAWARDS SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD is an honor bestowed upon an individual or organization that has made exceptional contributions to the sub sectors of crypto, blockchain, and technology industry in Africa. This award recognizes those who have  gone above and beyond in their efforts to promote, develop, and advance the industry. 

  1. Chief Dr Jude Ukusare


The ACGAWARDS are an indigenous award that celebrates the most outstanding individuals and organizations in the African crypto industry. The awards help to promote innovation and growth in the sector, and to build trust and credibility.

The ACGAWARDS are open to nominations from individuals, projects, and organizations from all over Africa. The nominations are evaluated by a panel of judges, comprising industry experts, leaders of thought, and influencers. The finalists and winners are unveiled at the ACGAWARDS annual virtual event, which promises to be a celebration of innovation, ingenuity, progress, and Africa’s growth in the global crypto industry.

The ACGAWARDS are a significant recognition of the contributions of individuals and organizations to the African crypto industry. They play an important role in promoting innovation and growth in the sector.

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