ACGAWARDS Virtual Event Debut with over 7000 Youtube VIEWS.

ACGAWARDS Virtual Event Debut with over 7000 Youtube VIEWS.

In a resounding inaugural success, the Africa Crypto Giant Awards (ACGAWARDS) set the stage for the first-ever Africa Crypto Awards within the crypto niche. The virtual event, which was held recently, attracted a staggering 7,000 live viewers on YouTube, signifying the remarkable enthusiasm and engagement within the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.

The ACGAWARDS featured a total of 25 categories, each meticulously designed to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations in the African cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. The rigorous selection process involved the evaluation of 127 nominees, all of whom have made significant strides and innovations in the field.

The event itself was a grand display of excellence, with industry leaders, pioneers, and enthusiasts gardening together to celebrate the accomplishments of the African cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. Each award category recognized a unique aspect of the industry, spanning from technical development to education and entrepreneurship, reflecting the industry’s diverse and dynamic nature.

Event Statistics :

  • Name: Africa Crypto Giants Awards (ACGAwards)
  • Debut Year: 2023
  • YouTube Live Views: Over 7,000
  • Categories: 25
  • Nominees: 127
  • Winners:– 25
  • Hall of Fame Award: 1
  • Special Recognition Award:1

With over 7,000 live viewers on YouTube during the event’s broadcast was a testament to the increasing global interest and recognition of the African cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It showcased the sector’s exponential growth and the substantial contributions made by these exceptional individuals and organizations who are part of the live event across the globe.

As the first edition of the Africa Crypto Awards, the ACGAWARDS have set a high standard for future recognition and celebration of excellence within the African crypto niche. The overwhelming response and enthusiasm from the audience and the nominees themselves are indicative of the event’s success.

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The Africa Crypto Giants Awards (ACGAWARDS) serves as a platform to highlight and honor the industry’s trailblazers and visionaries while also inspiring the next generation of innovators in the African cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Here are the some of the categories that was featured in this year’s edition:-

  • Outstanding Crypto Startup
  • Blockchain Innovator of the Year
  • Influential Crypto Educator
  • Best NFT Project
  • Crypto Community Champion
  • Women in Blockchain Excellence
  • Outstanding DeFi Project
  • Blockchain for Social Impact

The event has left a lasting impact on the industry, underlining the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the remarkable contributions within this dynamic sector. The success of the ACGAwards’ debut has set the stage for a promising future for the African cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

About ACGAWARDS: The Africa Crypto Giants Awards (ACGAWARDS) is an annual event that recognises and celebrates exceptional achievements and significant contributions within the African cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.The debut edition was an event to remember, and it has undoubtedly piqued the world’s interest in Africa’s rapidly evolving crypto landscape.


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